VascTech filaments for 3D printers
3D printed sacrificial template of ivy leaf (Hedera helix) palmate venation
Extruded VascTech sheets
High-strength VascTech fibers

CU Aerospace is currently selling developmental quantities of VascTech polymers including:

  • High strength fibers (typically with diameters of 300 to 500 microns)
  • Extruded sheets (15, 20, or 32 mils thickness and 7 inch width)
  • Filaments for 3D printers (1.75 or 3 mm diameter)
  • 3D sacrificial templates

Note that VascTech works best with an epoxy matrix that gels at lower temperature but can then be post-cured up to 180°C. VascTech has also shown to be compatible with a silicone matrix to produce microvascular networks in a flexible matrix.

In addition to selling the VascTech polymer, CUA can provide consulting, modeling, and manufacturing support as needed for this enabling technology. Contact us for pricing and additional information.

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